Prescription Foods is a Pittsburgh-based, social-purpose fermented foods company. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products and educating the public on the benefits of a healthy diet that includes naturally fermented foods.

Founded in 2015, the company builds off years of perfecting the family recipes of husband and wife fermentation enthusiasts and food activists. The company advocates for a reconnection to our food and health through traditionally fermented foods and nutritional education. Our products are produced with the highest quality ingredients and the utmost care. Since 2018 all products are produced in conjunction with Commumity Kitchen Pittsburgh at their facility in Hazelwood, PA. Community Kitchen Pittsburgh is a local nonprofit organization that changes lives and strengthens communities through culinary job training, transitional job opportunities, food education and food access - learn more, get engaged and donate at

Choose prescription foods for flavor - the most sought after delicacies the world over are the result of traditional fermentation processes. Experience the depth and richness of flavor only bacterial proliferation can impart. Mmmm lactobacili.

Choose prescription foods for health - when bacterial cells in your body outnumber human cells 10 to 1, you are arguably more bacteria than human. A growing body of research supports the importance of beneficial bacteria to gut health and all facets of our physical health and emotional well-being. Support good gut health - eat your bacteria.

Choose prescription foods for change - get sick. Take antibiotics. Carpet bomb your bacterial colony. Depress immune system. Get sick. Take antibiotics... Sound familiar? Rebel against the cycle of sickness and medication. In many cases you don't need antibiotics, you need probiotics. Take proactive control of your health through diet.

All products produced by Prescription Foods are raw, vegan, gluten free and naturally fermented with no added sugar, preservatives or vinegar.




the eBook


Take proactive control of your health through diet. 100 exceedingly simple recipes designed to improve gut health for those who want to put themselves on a path to recovery but don’t want to spend a lot of time, money or energy doing it.

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My ongoing journey from sickness to health has not been quick or easy. It is a continuous process that has required diligent and consistent hard work. I have learned a great deal about health and nutrition along the way and I want to help others struggling with similar fates. This is my story:

In 2009 I developed a whole host of physical and emotional health problems including fatigue, cold sores, weight gain, major mood swings and depression. I had no idea what was causing my symptoms. After failing to find a suitable diagnosis or treatment plan through the conventional medical community, I engaged a naturopathic doctor. Only then was I finally given a diagnosis that made sense: severe overgrowth of a yeast called Candida albicans. I had recently finished taking a cycle of strong antibiotics when the symptoms began. It turns out that taking a strong antibiotic kills the bad and the good bacteria living in your body. It also turns out that not all bacteria are bad. On the contrary, 100 trillion bacteria living in and on us are responsible for a litany of vital tasks including aiding in nutritional absorption, digestion, immune function and keeping harmful yeast colonies, like Candida, balanced. 

Just as I started to make progress on diagnosing and treating my issues, I became pregnant with my second child. Soon after birth my son began to show signs that my Candida overgrowth had passed to him. Eczema and rashes were common as were digestion problems, irritability and sleep issues. As he matured he showed increasing signs of food allergies and Sensory Processing Disorder. He was later diagnosed with dyspraxia, nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity and depressed immune function. With the help of the online community of BEDROK mothers dealing with similar issues and voluminous research, I connected most of our problems back to poor gut health and began slowly instituting changes to our diet. BEDROK stands for Body Ecology Diet Recovering Our Kids. Ultimately, we arrived at a combination of BED and GAPS diet that includes heavy doses of probiotic rich foods in a variety of forms that we all make from scratch.

The diet-based approach has worked and my whole family has benefited from our journey to health. Milo is doing great and continues to make strides developmentally. My head is clear, mental function is back to normal and energy levels are so good that I have begun to run in 5k’s, something unthinkable a few years ago. The whole family loves making and eating fermented foods. If only someone had prescribed this to me years ago, hence - Prescription Foods.



" Prescription Foods kimchi is the most delicious one I have ever tasted compared to store bought and farmers markets. I saw one on a shelf the other day with added sugar! Kimchi and cofir have helped with sugar cravings. As soon as I feel a craving come in, I take a spoonful to combat it! "

– Michelle Ulrich


" In 2015, when my 8 month old daughter was struggling with a terrible case of eczema that could not be contained by any medical professional, I was desperate for an outside-the-box solution. My poor baby was so uncomfortable that she would scratch herself in her sleep until it bled! Doctors kept prescribing one cream after another and shrugged their shoulders when I told them this wasn’t working. My holistic chiropractor suggested looking into fermented foods and referred me to Jenneta as he believed she could shed some light on the real problem hiding behind the skin irritation - the gut. I signed up for one of her presentations. Jenneta's story was heartbreaking yet fascinating. I found a lot of similarities in our cases and I immediately felt that I will be on the right path with her products and overall lifestyle recommendations. I grew up in Belarus and just like Jenneta remember my parents and my grandparents making their own sour kraut and kefir so I was already aware of the benefits of fermented foods, but I still learned so much about how our body works and how it affects everything else. I took Jenneta's experience seriously and instituted a strict diet for my daughters and myself (to the best of my ability ;)). I started introducing the kids to fermented foods little by little until it became a routine. It took almost a year before I was ready to say that my daughter is clear of eczema and does not have any other side effects but it is so worth it. What I love the most about Jenneta's mission is she isn’t just doing business; she is 100% passionate about it! This comes from her heart and from her family. She offered to teach me how to ferment foods myself so I don’t have to buy it from her! This alone makes her efforts, her products and her knowledge priceless. To this date I am forever grateful to her (and to my chiropractor Dr. Dan Turack for the introduction) for the health of my family.

I attached 2 pictures of Dayla when she was 8 months old all covered in nasty itchy patches and 2.5 yr old with perfect smooth baby skin :) and I believe this transformation was only possible because we decided to fix the root of the problem that lies within our gut and not just the topical symptom.

Thank you, Jenneta, for your immeasurable contribution in our lives! "

– Olga Barker

" I bumped into Jenneta one morning. That was the day my life changed! She and I, as we usually do, started talking about our health when I mentioned I had still been fighting with anxiety issues. Just for some history, I had been in the Peace Corps, I contracted parasites in Africa and was on antibiotics on and off for years in order to kill them- the meds did more than just killing the parasite, from what Jennet told me, they had killed most of the healthy flora in my gut too! Causing me even more health problems! Being the wealth of knowledge she is, Jenneta suggested I try introducing more probiotics and fermented foods into my diet. I explained I would be willing to try it but didn’t know how. She jumped at the opportunity to not only share her foods with me, but to teach me how to make my own. I was blown away. I couldn’t believe the tastes of the products she shared with me. We set up a time and she, along with another friend came over to my house to learn how to make coconut yogurt and coconut water kefir. I had no idea how much my life was about to change! After only a few days enjoying the delicious probiotic yogurt and drink I started to notice some changes in my body. First, I noticed I didn’t have to go to the bathroom as often. Indeed, I had been suffering from diarrhea for the last 20 years, NO JOKE! Then, I noticed the little dry patches of skin that pop up randomly but never go away began to become smooth. BUT, most of all, I began to breath. I began to notice, I wasn’t quite so nervous, my morning didn’t start with a stomach ache. As the days passed I was convinced it must just be a fluke. There is no way my anxiety just flew away, there was no way my dry skin wasn’t coming back, there was no way I was able to have normal bowel movements... YES... There is a way. By introducing and learning how to incorporate fermented foods and coconut kefir from Jenneta into my diet I suffer much less. My anxiety has decreased at least 90%, my mood seems more stable, relaxed, and I’m more motivated. Also, my skin feels and looks clearer. The health benefits of what these products can do for our bodies are truly life changing. I didn’t believe it until I tried it- now these healing foods and drinks are a part of my daily life and I’m a much better mother, friend, and wife because I truly feel better. "

– Winfrey M.

"Highly Recommended!" Rx Foods Kimchi is better than homemade. I used to reserve an afternoon every month to make kimchi, as most of the commercial brands I tried were highly processed and had no probiotics. Once I discovered the delectable flavor, gut healing properties and reasonable price of Rx Foods Kimchi, I never looked back. "

Myrna P.

" I have struggled with leaky gut and pre-diabetic and have mitochondrial disease. I was reading a lot about importance of probiotics especially in natural food state. I was inspired by Jenneta’s story having experience the same symptoms and tried her products along with others. Yes, I have to agree these foods are important! It was such a Blessing to find these products locally by someone who is committed to helping others. I have tried the cogurt, cofir, the kraut and kimchi (kimchi is my favorite!). All have been helpful and enjoyable to eat. Appreciative and thankful for His Blessings. "

– Gretchen

Whenever I go to the Northside I make it a point to stop by Allegheny City Market to get PF cofir. The fermented coconut water is a cure to many connected ailments in my body. I experience lots of joint aches and pains from chronic Lyme and the ferment has helped me and my system so much through some troubled times. Thank you so much for all your hard work Jenneta making true healing foods!

– H. Gene



1. Where can I purchase your products?

Market Street Grocery - 435 Market St. Downtown Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412-281-3818

Sunny Bridge Natural Foods – 130 Gallery Drive, McMurray, PA 15317 724-942-5800

Health Hut – 1617 3rd Street, Beaver, PA 15009 724-770-0711

Naturally Soergel’s - 2573 Brandt School Road, Wexford, PA 15090 724-935-1743

East End Food Co-op - 7516 Meade Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 412-242-3598

2. How do I store your products and for how long?

We recommend refrigerating our products. Leaving them unrefrigerated for a few hours will not hurt.

Shelf life varies based on a product. For cofir and cogurt it is 3-4 weeks, but for vegetables it is up to 6 months. These are naturally fermented products that continue to have live active bacteria; taste and texture may change over time – that’s just part of the fun.

 3. Do they all have to be refrigerated?

Yes, they do. You want to keep them in the fridge to stop the fermentation process before and after opening.

4. How many servings are there in each jar?

Cofir – 8, 2 oz servings in 16 oz bottle

Cogurt – 8, ¼ cup servings in 16 oz jar

Kraut – 8, ¼ cup servings in 16 oz jar

Kimchi – 8, ¼ cup servings in 16 oz jar

Garlic beets – 8, ¼ cup servings in 16 oz jar

 5. How much of each product should I consume?

Start with 1 tablespoon of cofir for adults and 1 teaspoon for kids on an empty stomach. Treat it more like a supplement. Increase it slowly by 1 tablespoon or 1 teaspoon daily until you reach 2-4 oz. serving a day. Cogurt and vegetables start with 2 tablespoon for adults and kids; work it up to ¼-1/2 cup with a meal. Therapeutic dosage of kimchi, kraut and garlic beets is 1/3-1/2 cup with every meal.

 6. Can I consume cofir with other foods?

Yes, you can. Add cofir into your morning smoothie or juice. You can also drink it along with your meal. In that case it works more like a digestive aid, but you still receive probiotic benefits from it.

 7. Are there any side effects from eating prescription foods?

If you experience adverse reactions such as headache, lethargy, low grade depression, constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea you may want to decrease the dosage accordingly.

 8. What benefits should I expect from regular consumption of your products?

There is growing research to suggest regular consumption of fermented foods can lead to a whole host of physical and emotional benefits such as: improved digestion; heightened mood; sleep improvement; healthy bowel movements; better focus; clearer mind; cognitive skill improvement; higher energy level; clear and glowing skin; weight loss; as an effective way to combat yeast overgrowth; chronic fatigue syndrome; and as a general way to improve overall health.

 9. What is the probiotic count in each product?

We have not had them tested in a lab. But we believe it is more than you would get from a probiotic supplement in a capsule form. Check out Dr. Mercola’s findings about it.

 10. How many strains of good bacteria do your products contain?

We use Body Ecology Diet culture starters to make our cofir, cogurt and garlic beets. According to culture starter package, cofir and cogurt contain 7 strains of probiotics and garlic beets contain 5. As long as kraut and kimchi go, they are wild ferments, so nature dictates what goes in there.

 11. How do I eat cogurt?

You can add cogurt to your smoothie, dress it up with berries and nuts, use it in your salad dressing, make a dip for veggies and fruits or just eat plain for breakfast.

 12. How do I get my kids to eat ferments?

These are a few tricks to use when you start introducing probiotic foods to your kids:

1)     Mix cofir with their favorite juice at the beginning and gradually increase the amount of cofir in it. The goal is to get to the point when they consume it on its own. 

2)     Mash avocado and mix it in with fermented vegetables to make probiotic guacamole. Recipe can be found in the PF cookbook at

3)     Add their favorite fruit or raw honey into cogurt to make it a bit sweeter or add vanilla stevia to avoid using any sugar.

4)     Add cofir or cogurt into their smoothie or do half regular yogurt and half cogurt for the start.

5)     Explain to them that this is their medicine and they are to take it as they do their other supplements.

 13. Are they safe to consume for people with food allergies?

All of our products are dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, corn free, soy free, peanut free and egg free. However, they are produced in a facility where a wide variety of foods are produced. We are careful to follow sound production techniques to limit cross contamination but cannot provide any guarantee that our products are allergen free.

 14. Is Prescription Foods regulated or certified in any way?

Yes, it is. Prescription Foods product and facility is certified through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture.  All of our products are tested for adequate acidity prior to jarring.



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