My ongoing journey from sickness to health has not been quick or easy. It is a continuous process that has required diligent and consistent hard work. I have learned a great deal about health and nutrition along the way and I want to help others struggling with similar fates. This is my story:

In 2009 I developed a whole host of physical and emotional health problems including fatigue, cold sores, weight gain, major mood swings and depression. I had no idea what was causing my symptoms. After failing to find a suitable diagnosis or treatment plan through the conventional medical community, I engaged a naturopathic doctor. Only then was I finally given a diagnosis that made sense: severe overgrowth of a yeast called Candida albicans. I had recently finished taking a cycle of strong antibiotics when the symptoms began. It turns out that taking a strong antibiotic kills the bad and the good bacteria living in your body. It also turns out that not all bacteria are bad. On the contrary, 100 trillion bacteria living in and on us are responsible for a litany of vital tasks including aiding in nutritional absorption, digestion, immune function and keeping harmful yeast colonies, like Candida, balanced. 

Just as I started to make progress on diagnosing and treating my issues, I became pregnant with my second child. Soon after birth my son began to show signs that my Candida overgrowth had passed to him. Eczema and rashes were common as were digestion problems, irritability and sleep issues. As he matured he showed increasing signs of food allergies and Sensory Processing Disorder. He was later diagnosed with dyspraxia, nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity and depressed immune function. With the help of the online community of BEDROK mothers dealing with similar issues and voluminous research, I connected most of our problems back to poor gut health and began slowly instituting changes to our diet. BEDROK stands for Body Ecology Diet Recovering Our Kids. Ultimately, we arrived at a combination of BED and GAPS diet that includes heavy doses of probiotic rich foods in a variety of forms that we all make from scratch.

The diet-based approach has worked and my whole family has benefited from our journey to health. Milo is doing great and continues to make strides developmentally. My head is clear, mental function is back to normal and energy levels are so good that I have begun to run in 5k’s, something unthinkable a few years ago. The whole family loves making and eating fermented foods. If only someone had prescribed this to me years ago, hence - Prescription Foods.